They’re All Saying the Same Thing

If there’s one thing that I, like many people hold dear to my heart. It’s music. Music has always been incredibly important to me. Learning more and more about myself through the lyrics I listen to. I grew up listening to rap in the car when I was with my dad or 80’s pop and classic rock in the car with my mom. Which that half never really impressed me too much knowing how popular hip hop culture was around me. It wasn’t until my junior year that I started thinking I should start at least trying to expand my music range. I would be around my friend Roy a lot who I ended up getting a lot of my music reference from. I started getting into bands like Fall Out Boy and Paramore who, even today are some of my favorite bands. Then my taste started expanding to bands like La Dispute and Pierce the Veil and after a while I was just a huge fan of rock music. I realized what I liked. I loved the sound of the guitar on acoustic songs and the rhythm of the drums on the harder songs. I also loved the heavy metaphorical verses and the different things that other artists I listened to never talked about. Then I started learning other things when I started getting into bands like Bob Marley and the Wailers and Sublime. About loving my fellow man and how not take life so seriously. It’s hard to say I have a favorite band or artist because it’s not that simple of a question to answer. But if i was to say there was one band that made the biggest impact on my life it would be Sublime. I guess you could say a lot of the things that I’ve learned about life came from either movies or music. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now here I am 5 years after agreeing to expand my music taste and I don’t think I have a better music taste than everyone else. I understand everyone has a vast selection of music they listen to that they either play around people or play in private. But I love my taste in music. I feel like that’s how all people should be. But one thing that I started realizing about all the music I listen to is that in a way. They all are saying the same thing. When talking to my friends about some of the music I listen to, some being quick to judge. Some will talk about how overly sensitive the lyrics are in the songs I listen to. I couldn’t understand that because Drake’s most famous album contains the most overly sensitive lyrics. They would say it’s too corny talking about their bad relationships with their parents and dealing with internal issues. Not the same wording but you guys get what i’m trying to say. They’re pussies. If you don’t. That’s fair. Except a lot of my favorite rappers I listen to talk about dealing with internal issues they had to face growing up where they did. I don’t want to stick to mainly rap vs rock but these are just my personal experiences. Which is all it comes down to. People will write about their personal experiences. That’s what separates entertainers and artists. You can always tell when someone isn’t being honest in their music. It’s all empathy. I love listening to Vince Staples and Kendrick because those niggas are so raw in their lyrics and so good with story telling and having you feel what they feel. But then again I also l also love listening to Singers like Hayley Williams and Rex Orange County because they talk about the things most people are afraid to such as their different heartbreaks and personal issues that sit in their head like everyone has. Now you can say that there are rappers that talk about their personal issues and dealing with heartbreak and that’s exactly my point. If they all can talk about the same sort of things then what makes them so wack you know? Now I understand there are just some sounds people just aren’t really into. I had to deal with the fact that I’m not going to be into every kind of music because not every single one will agree with my ears. But I won’t use that as a reason to discredit their music. Their journey. The things that they lived through and the things they had to put up with in order to get where they now are. Just simply realize it’s not your sounds and let others enjoy it. That’s also a big thing I had to deal with and still finding myself struggling with every once in a while. Letting people enjoy things. Because if someone is just making something and people are enjoying it. What could be so negative about that. I’m not saying to listen to the music I listen to. That’s not what I want. I love sharing my music not because I want people to think I have such a great taste in music. But there is so much music in the world and I know if I listen to something or someone I’ve never heard of before and it sounds amazing to me. I know there’s a chance someone else will enjoy just as much as me if not more. It’s not showing off music it’s sharing music. So if someone asks you if you want to check out some music that you’re not usually into, take a chance cause why not. The worst that can happen is that you don’t like the song. At least give it a chance cause in the grand scheme of things. Just opening yourself up to something as small as music can help you open your mind to so many other things. Good vibes 420 stay blazed everyone.

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