Dis an Adventure Time appreciation post

One thing I’ve grown to realize about myself the past year or two is what kind of tv shows I’m into. My friends would always recommend different shows to me from Breaking Bad to Game of Thrones and everything in between. I always attempt to watch these shows. But for some reason I never find it possible for me to be able to sit through these long episodes. For a little while I thought I was just not into shows. Then I realized that it’s not that I don’t like shows. I just don’t like these shows. There’s nothing wrong with not liking a show. There were some shows I was able to keep up with. I enjoy Stranger Things and I always watch comedies like Always Sunny and The Office. Then I started watching plot-driven animated shows. The first one I really got into was Gravity Falls which was the first show that actually had me feeling the way people say they feel about the shows they watch. It was only two seasons but they were perfect and grew an obsession with that show for about a month after I finished it. Everyone loved the show and wanted another season and I honestly felt the same way. But I came to realization that people say they want more of a show but in a way, they don’t. If a writer has a show idea that only goes for a certain amount of seasons there’s a reason and everything in the show is placed in such a way just for that reason. So it’s best if you just get your story in and get out. After I was finally able to get over Gravity Falls I tried out watching Steven Universe. I heard great things about that show and I craved a good show to watch. I like Steven Universe. I still find myself in the middle of season three out of like five or six I think. But that’s only because I got wildly thrown off track by Adventure Time. Adventure Time was one of those shows I was in awe at when I was a junior in high school. Something on Cartoon Network being this funny and gritty. It was crazy to me. Same with Regular Show but ehhhhhanother time. Anyways, one of the main things that got me back into Adventure Time recently were the songs. The songs in that show are so well put together in such an effortless way and the voice actors behind the songs are incredible singers. Together it just gives off a soothing sound that my ear drums really agree with. Same with Steven Universe. That’s when I decided to jump back in where I left off. The deeper I got the deeper my appreciation for the characters, the setting, the writing grew. I love every aspect of it. I love the way each character has a backstory and something kind of wrong about them that they dive into a little deeper each time an episode is starring a B character (LSP, Marceline, Ice King) other than just Finn and Jake. Which is perfect because then later on they can contribute to a plot in a way that makes sense because you’ve seen the rest of the backstory. It’s genius. The creators didn’t just create a show, they created a universe. One with it’s own history, citizens and attractions. Something people hate on a lot with this show is the language they use. Saying litle cheesy phrases like “mathematical”, which I admit is cheesy and something I would never say to another human being. When you think about it thought, because it is it’s own universe, they have their own reactions. Finn will say some cheesy phrase or made up word and the other character will react with a gasp or some kind of indication that that is almost a swear word in their world. It’s almost like getting away with cussing on television because even though it sounds stupid to us, the interpret it differently than we do. Which is badass. One thing that Adventure Time talks a lot about is time and the concept of time whether it be clocks, life and death, moments in time. It’s just mentioned a lot. I’m in the second to last season and I have a theory about the way it’ll end. In a lot of episodes they’ll refer to an event in past tense. But instead of saying something happened a long time ago, because the event they’ll be referencing would be something that happened a season and a half ago. They would say it happened “the other day”. Which leads me to believe that the whole show is out of order, star wars style. I’m just waiting for that fatty style reveal. I’ll make another post about this when I get to the ending. Stay tuned.

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