Celebrities and Self Destruction (Srs Post)

I’m sure many people have already heard about the passing of Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park. Not too many music icons of my generation have passed away so this was definitely a wake up call for many millennials. Today is also the anniversary of the day we lost Amy Winehouse, a beautiful form of talent that was taken way too soon. Celebrity’s are people that I try to empathize with as much as I can. We cannot relate to them in the aspects of money or fame. But there are other ways you can empathize with people you’ll probably never meet in your lifetime. One thing that they want as highlighted heavily by Tyler, the Creator’s newest album Flower Boy (which is a great album give it a fucking listen now don’t even finish reading this I’d rather you listen to that) is that these people want to be loved. When you’re constantly around people that know who you are because of how bright your name shines it’s easy to get trust issues. Not knowing which people are with you for you or for what you have. Now these are just theories of mine. I’m not saying this is exactly how these people feel but I just pull from my own experiences and try to step into their shoes for just a second. A huge inspiration of mine is Brad Nowell, the lead singer of Sublime. His music had so much heart, so much experience. You could feel how he was feeling as soon as his music hit your ears. Whether it was a fun song that you could dance and bellow out with friends or a sadder song dwelling on heart break or loneliness. He fought an incredibly hard battle with heroin addiction. Then almost a year after the birth of his son he passed away from heroin overdose. During an interview with his father he talked about Brad’s heroin battle. He said that in the beginning Brad was so attached to his stage personality. People that worked with him talked about how quiet he was. Nothing like he was when he would go wild out on stage getting reckless and getting kicked out of venues. That’s what people loved though. They loved seeing this reckless side of Brad because there’s nothing that stands out about a quiet, humble boy from California. It’s almost a sort of method acting situation where he didn’t feel like he was Brad Nowell, Sublime front man if he didn’t have that extra push. It made him feel normal when he was up there and that’s where the problem began. In the comment section of the interview a boy said that his dad told him to never try heroin because he would love it too much. That sounds like the right piece of advice. That’s one thing that people don’t really take into consideration when talking about celebrities. That they’re people, just like we’re people. We make mistakes, we learn lessons as we grow through experience. We basically crucify these people for stuff we do all the time.  This isn’t to say that we should hold these people on a pedestal and act like they can do no wrong. But to tear a whole persons life and label the as this one dimensional shitty person because they said something stupid is so incredibly wrong. I’ve said stupid shit, I can pull stupid shit I’ve said up on twitter right now. You most likely have said stupid shit unless you’ve been on this perfect streak since you were born of perfectly gliding through every interaction you’ve ever had. But if you’re a normal person we all know what it’s like to say something stupid, to feel alone, to feel pressured. Something these people have to deal with everyday under the constant surveillance of paparazzi, social media and everything else all because they wanted to live out their dream. I could go on and on about this forever but I don’t want to. Watch interviews of your favorite celebrities. They give you knowledge about them that you can’t get from a biography. It shows you who they are as people. Their personal views, things they’ve been through and wisdom from the things they’ve experienced in their lifetimes. We are people, they are people, and they deserve to be treated the same way we all treat each other. Then again I could just be stanning, fuck these people, they have all that fucking money they don’t have any real problems.

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