Over the Garden Wall

So I finished Adventure Time. At least the episodes on hulu. The episodes from season and 9 are too hard to track in order so I feel the safest bet would be to just wait for the rest to be put on hulu. So as am waiting I was searching for other shows to watch. Then the other night a friend of mine mentioned how she watched a show I became obsessed with a little more than a year ago called, “Over the Garden Wall”. It’s an incredibly funny showed that aired on cartoon network for a ten-episode season with adorable and relatable characters. But there’s something about this show that goes a lot deeper than other animated shows I’ve grown to love such as Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. The show drops you right in following the path of Wirt and his younger step-brother Greg. You don’t know too much about these characters besides the fact that they are lost in the woods and Greg has a frog that he is having a hard time naming. Wirt himself does not know where they are or how they got there but was incredibly determined to get him and his brother home safely. The show is very random in it’s humor and characters but it is also very  self aware and understands that there is something very wrong in these woods they are in as well as there being a reason for everything. In the first episode they meet a woodsman who warns them of an evil being that lurks the woods called “the beast”. Greg, representing the ignorance of youth thinks nothing of this man but Wirt is convinced this man himself is the beast so after leaving they run into a talking bird named Beatrice who tells them that she could find them a way home through a, fairy-god-mother type character named Adalaide, the good woman of the woods. Them three together spend the season going through different towns and setting which all seem to share this 1800’s kind of old timey aesthetic to it. Each character they meet along the way have deep rooted issues that Wirt and Greg help them with as they pass through whether it be heartbreak, money/trust issues and other problems that we can all relate to. This is about to get spoiler heavy so you can stop now if you would like to watch the show which I highly recommend. When Beatrice finally brings them to the house of Adalaide you find out that she is in fact an evil witch that turned Beatrice and her family into birds unless she brought them children. Soon after their escape Wirt and Greg get separated. You then find out in season nine the story of how Greg and Wirt ended up in the woods and what their background is. Wirt is a high school student who is struggling with himself and a girl he likes at his school. Greg is still the same obnoxious adorable child he is throughout the rest of the show but now in the setting where he is constantly embarrassing Wirt with his ignorance of the insecurity Wirt deals with. He ends up getting mad at Greg and during a chase they both end up falling into a river and nearly drowning before being saved and getting rushed to a hospital. As they both layed unconscious in that river is where the entire show takes place. With them waking up and finding themselves in the woods with no memory of how they got there. I could go on about this show. There are many different theory videos about what this show means and all the strong, subtle metaphors layed throughout the show and that’s part of what separates this animated show from many others. It’s funny it’s dark it’s real. Which is something that is greatly appreciated. I have to go to work so I’m going to end this here, but this is easily one of my favorite shows and everyone should watch it. This is a rock fact.

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