The Charlottesville Thang

So all this stuff has been covering my TL the past couple days regarding all the drama going on in Charlottesville. I don’t like ranting politically on twitter just because of how toxic it is and how wrong I can be. I have been wrong about some of the things I’ve said but there are things that I do feel like I’m right about. To avoid me going on to the timeline and spewing my shit I’m just going to write about it so I can just get it out. I work at a cafe. This morning this girl named Joslyn came in to do some last minute planning for a road trip she was going on. She was a very sweet girl and we got to talking a little bit about everything going on. My personal view on everything that was going on is that this whole Nazi and Klan thing is that it’s much like a phase or anything that gets popular with people. After you ignore it for so long it ends up fading out like everything else. That was how I felt about it. Joslyn then told me how she felt about it. Saying that she can see it fading like everything else but it is still a center of hate and concern in this country that needs to be talked about because there are future generations that will be hearing the messages we send out. I completely agreed with her on that, therefore dropping my previous view on it. She kept apologizing for being so political and so deep at six in the morning but we talked about how it’s good to talk about issues like this because that’s the only way you can come to a solution or at least begin talking about a solution and how a lot of people don’t do that because they’re so gung ho for their own views they don’t give others the light of day. That led to me telling her about the documentary “Accidental Courtesy” that I constantly rant and rave about where Darryl Davis, a black man, converts members of the KKK from their beliefs by simply befriending them. He didn’t convert them by killing the racists or calling them stupid and ignorant. He simply let them talk about their beliefs, tried understanding them. But I won’t rant about that because I already have a post about that. Basically the way that I feel about it is that racism is bad. Anyone with an ounce of reality in them can see that. I’ve never been the person to look at a person and group them in with their race just based off of experience of myself. I understand that I don’t fit the black stereotype. Not by choice, that’s just the way I am. So if I don’t hold myself to be the way everyone wants me to be based on my color, why should I hold others to theirs. That being said I don’t hold all white people accountable for what these people are doing. So many white people support other races and then when there are bad people who just happen to be white it’s supposed to be the fault of all white people for “letting them out” whatever that means. No one is responsible for the way others think except for the person. The same way people hate when black people are grouped together as thugs because of the black people that are thugs. It’s just not fair to classify anybody as anything. People say that everything is about race and I might just be basking in my own ignorance but I feel like it only is if you make it about race. I know there are things in the world that are about race and things that are caused because of race but to say everything is about race is a bit far fetched. Then there’s the people on twitter talking about going out and killing Nazi’s. Keyword: talking. The people that are getting 200k retweets are not doing anything more but just stating something that a majority of people already know. Racism is bad. No shit. They’re not doing anything for any cause they’re just putting themselves on a high pedestal as if it’s some crazy discovery they came across. That stuff makes me feel like they don’t really care about the cause which is absurd, of course they really stand against racism but they don’t realize what they’re doing helps nothing. What can they do? I don’t know. I’m not doing anything to help but I also don’t care enough. I have my beliefs and I can’t force them on others so the best I can do is make this post and hope that people at least open their minds a little to think with their heads instead of their hearts which, don’t get me wrong, is in the right place. But it just doesn’t bring any solutions to the table. Everyone at the moment is just pointing fingers and looking for someone to blame whether it’s Trump or white people. No one can stop someone from being racist unless we were to police the thoughts of other which no one wants. Watch Accidental Courtesy. See what I saw. He might have only converted somewhere around 200 klan members. But it’s more than what anyone else has done pointing fingers and name calling. Side note, this does’t really have anything to do with this but Joslyn ended up giving me her number before she left soooooooooooooooooo yeah.

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