Jerrod Carmichael My Hero frfrfr

I’m about to be doing stand up again this Sunday. Done it once a few months ago it went alright, did it last week. That one was even worse. The reasoning, lack of preparation. That second one I was not prepared at all I had maybe a an hour to practice. Mixing that with a couple of beers did not pan out too well. But this one I feel like I’m actually ready for and I’m actually excited. Aside from just practicing my set to myself I have gone back to listening to many stand up’s and podcasts that feature the comedians I love to listen to. One that I’ve been listening to the most is Jerrod Carmichael who might be my favorite comedian for at least right now. He has two HBO specials and had a sitcom run for three seasons on NBC that he created, wrote and produced appropriately titled, “The Carmichael Show”. I have never seen something made by this man that I ever thought was anything less than extraordinary.  Not only is his writing hysterical but everything he does is extremely thought provoking which is something I always appreciate. In one of the podcasts that I listened to that had him on he mentioned when talking about his show is how he always tries to focus on is perspective because it’s important. It really shows through the characters. Everything flows so smoothly. Every few episodes they would tackle a different controversial issue. Whether it was Trump vs Hillary, gun laws, abortion. These topics would always be addressed. With a cast of six people the battlefield would always be laid out three vs three. They would engage in heavy banter both serious and comedic. By the end of the episode it’s not like they would agree on one side but both sides would just accept the fact that they had opposing views and that was that. Everything would move smoothly, everything would make sense. This is why. At least to me. The original plot layout of the show is Jerrod has just moved in with his girlfriend. Nearby lived his parents. Also living nearby was his brother who lived with his wife that he just recently divorced. Jerrod grew up and moved out, kind of becoming an asshole but that was just because he did a lot of thinking and kept to himself often not really letting the outside in. His girlfriend was a representative of the modern day young liberal. Bright eyed, always trying to figure out a way to make the world a better place by fighting the injustices in the country through protests. His parents were an old black conservative couple. The mother being incredibly strict and god reliant, the father being a good husband though very stubborn with his own thoughts that he would usually hold down a little bit to refrain from arguments with his wife. His younger brother although not too much younger than him is still trying to find his way through his own life still is a bit sheltered by his parents being a bit of a mamas boy and his ex wife, although she is used often as comedic relief. Is an extremely independent woman that is just as stubborn as Jerrod’s father. So the mix of different personalities and set ups makes everything not only possible but smooth. A lot of times it would be the men vs the women. Other times it would be Jerrod, his father and his brothers ex wife vs the others and other times it would be his Jerrod, his girlfriend and his brother against the others. The main thing is that everything works great and what he does is genius. Not only with the show but as well as his stand up. Speaking on things from both opposing views because one thing he has said is that you don’t have to agree with what the other person is saying by any means. But at least take a moment to even consider that the person you’re arguing with has put some thought into what they’re saying and that they’re capable of having a coherent thought. It all goes back to mutual respect for one another. I highly recommend watching his work as well as keep a look out for another show that he is now in the middle of working on. I would also appreciate it if you came to see my stand up this Sunday at the Scottsdale comedy spot, entry is $7 so come on down it’ll be tight.

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