Big Decisions

So I did my second open mic set at the Scottsdale Comedy Spot that actually went really well. There are a lot of things I am needing to work on but it was a huge leap better than my last one. One thing that is messing me up though currently is the fact that I had my whole first set scripted out. Everything was written down and I forced myself to memorize it. Which isn’t a bad thing obviously because I just said it went well but it did make some things harder for me. For one it made me rush through a lot of my set. I had an agenda for everything I wanted to say and I needed to squeeze it through within a five minute span so when people would laugh and I wasn’t expecting it, I would already be moving on to the next part of my set not allowing the audience to catch up. Another thing that messes me up is that I don’t give myself a chance to get comfortable with the audience. I like the idea of bringing the crowd in and that’s also a big part of making not only myself comfortable but making the audience more comfortable as well. I did one open mic prior where someone shouted something out to me and I was so stuck to my script that I had no way to answer him and it completely threw me off having to abandon my memorization to answer him and then remember which part of my script I was on immediately after. So for this next set I’m trying out just writing ideas down and key points I want to hit and then filling in the rest as I am on stage performing it thus making me more comfortable and witty while I’m on stage. There was a podcast that I listened to where a comedian actually said a lot of the best writing comes to you while you’re on stage. Which is completely true because there was a part of my set that I threw in their last second before I went on that I didn’t have in my script but it actually worked out incredibly well. On a more serious note. The Friday before my set I found myself having a real moment of being overwhelmed. That was day three of the five days I would be working a double. One shift in the morning at Sunnyside followed by another shift at Bold Roost right after. Realizing I still had two more days of doing that and the fact that I had to be ready to do my set that Sunday everything just kind of hit me at once and I had what I guess would be an epiphany. That epiphany being that I did not want to do that anymore. I hate working. I understand that everyone does and if everyone had the choice not to they wouldn’t but I’ve also been thinking about my life in the long term as far as what I would be doing five years or so down the road. I knew that I wanted to be a writer. For screenplays or otherwise I knew that’s what I wanted to do. But aside from writing little sets for myself. Doing a couple songs and making a couple scripts I wasn’t doing anything to get me any closer to that. I don’t want to be working a full time job just trying to survive and the thought of having a family is great but I couldn’t see myself being in that kind of position (talk about relatable). So I knew I had to do something but I wasn’t quite sure what it was yet. Then that following Monday, the day after my set, I was listening to a podcast with Jerrod Carmichael. He was talking about his beginnings and the struggles that he had to go through while chasing his career. He said he was from North Carolina. Working part time at a Finish Line with no real plan on what he was actually wanting to do. One day a customer walked in and told him he was an actor that was visiting from Los Angeles. Jerrod told him that he wished he could do something like that and chase his dreams. The guy then simply told him, “just do it”. This is not sponsored by Nike in case anyone was wondering. Jerrod took that to heart and he said within six months he was in Los Angeles trying to break into comedy having never done stand up once in his life. I was waiting on something. Anything. Just a sign pointing me in the direction to go. That sign came in the form of that story. So I made a decision that I am going to be saving up for six months and then I’m going to pursue my career in Los Angeles. I have never been so dead set on something. I told my parents and they are completely behind me. My dad saying that he was proud to see the passion I was showing and he wasn’t too worried because if something was to happen to me and I like died or something while I was out there. It would’ve been doing something I loved other than slowly letting myself die in my room hating what I’m doing. It’s going to be a hard road but I’m ready and it’s going to start here. Six Months. This is the part where the Dragon Ball Z music starts playing.

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